Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike Anime Movie Official Trailer Released!

Yowamushi Pedal Spare Bike anime movie trailer featuring the theme song “Hajimari no Hibi” (The Beginning Days) by the band “Magic of Life” started streaming in their official website. The trailer will be played in the partipating theatres in Japan from this week. The movie will be running in theatres for two weeks.



The recollections of a group of third year men who bet everything on their bicycles. The central pillars of their respective teams. New stories revealing their pasts are about to begin! This comedy drama anime movie will be made public by TMS Entertainment Studios. And it’s rated as a PG-13. However, the run time is still a question mark.

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Morikubo, Showtaro as Makishima, Yuusuke.

Kakihara, Tetsuya as Toudou, Jinpachi.

Sakaguchi, Daisuke as Itokawa, Shuusaku.

Suwabe, Junichi as Kanzaki, Tooji.

Yasumoto, Hiroki as Kinjou, Shingo.

Ise, Mariya as Minamizu.

Itou, Kentarou as Tadokoro, Jin.

Release Date: 9th September, 2016

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