My Wife is Wagatsuma-san (Manga)

My Wife is Wagatsuma-san is a high school romantic comedy manga written by Yuu Kuraishi and illustrated by Keishi Nishikida. The manga is packed with some really cool story line with a funny theme which makes it even more comfortable to read. The screen play and artworks are pretty good as well.

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My Wife is Wagatsuma-san

The manga starts with a group of three high school boys playing volley ball. Our hero, Aoshima is one among them. Actually they are not players. They are just bench warmers. So, they are made to wash to wash clothes. There they were talking about their future. And that when our hero, encounters Wagatsuma, the cutest girl in the school in a swim suit. She is the class topper also she is good in sports, especially swimming. He thinks that Wagatsuma-san is too high for him to be his girlfriend.

The next morning he wakes up with a bang! He had a dream that night. In his dream, he was about to kiss Wagatsuma-san. The whole day, he was excited about that. He even thought that it’s love. But again he couldn’t help but to stare at her the whole day from 10 meters away. And that night he saw her in a restaurant. And that’s when things kinda start to get interesting.


She was secretly doing part-time job there. After he finds that, she requests him to keep it as a secret between them. And that’s when he actually talked to her for the first time. He agreed. Suddenly he dropped a book that he was holding. She accidentally opened it while giving it back to him. And that was a dirty magazine. How unfortunate !?! And that was his first impression for her. Ridiculous !?


Then again that night after dinner, he had a dream like the previous day. The next day, he was in class. And she had a cell phone strap with her which he saw in his dream. She said that she bought it during their first meeting. And today she had it in her hands. Is that even a coincidence ?! He’s completely confused. Then he finally came to understand the fact. He just time skipped 10 years from now while he sleeps. And all those things are not just dreams. That is his future. So, the progress of the story might be about how he manages to end up with that future he just saw. This manga, My Wife is Wagatsuma-san is a recommended one, if you’re looking for some high school romantic comedy manga.

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