Who is a better strategist – Light Yagami or Itachi Uchiha….??

First of all , I would like to say that this article is completely based on my point of view and its not meant to hurt anybody’s feelings. Its just for fun. So , just don’t take it all that serious. Thank you…

NOTE : This article may contain some spoilers.


Now lets come to the point. First lets talk about Light Yagami of the Death Note. We have to admit the point that he is a very good strategist even though his intention are really bad. From the Death Note anime I can say that getting rid of L was his best move. I think everybody will accept that. He actually understands Rem’s feelings for Misa Amane. He makes an advantage of that and goes a step ahead of L eventually getting rid of him and Rem as well. Well actually speaking that’s really a very good move. Also things like deleting his very own memory and regaining it again , so that he can prove his innocence are some outstanding master plans that we have to admit for sure.


Now its time to look at Itachi Uchiha of the Naruto Shippuden. Yeah.. I could actually get what you are thinking now. Is Itachi actually a strategist….?? If you ask me , I would actually answer , ” Of course.., yes! ”. I know that he was never considered as a strategist but I can surely say he is one. Yeah.. really. Because , making plans that would help him and his mission even after his death is not a simple thing to look through. Also the way he acted vain in front of Sasuke till his very own death really makes him one of the smartest anime characters ever.

But things really get much more complex when we compare both of them. You may be an Itachi Uchiha fan , or may be a Light Yagami fan , but we all have to admit the truth. Also everybody will have their own point of views. There is no such thing as a perfect answer actually. So let me speak out my point of view.

If you ask me who is a better strategist , I would say “ both ”. Yeah.. Actually speaking , I just can’t come up with an answer. Obviously , both of them are super genius. Why do we even have to compare them…??

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