Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

This anime, Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle is an adaptation from a Japanese light novel series, written by Senri Akatsuki and illustrated by Ayumu Kasuga. The first episode “The Crimson War Princess” has got some good first impressions. The opening song, with all that dubstep kinda beats made me go crazy. To be more accurate, that was truly a good one.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Well coming to the plot of the first episode, it seems the story is deep and intense but not that dark as well. The screenplay starts with a war. To be more specific, a rebellion against the King of Arcadia. Then five years later, Lux Arcadia, the former prince of Arcadia nicknamed as “The Weakest Undefeated Drag-Knight” somehow got into a small trouble with the current princess, Lisesharte Atismata. She is a cute one. How did they get into fight? Well, that was a cool scene. So, I’m not gonna tell you (Spoiler). Nonetheless, let me give you this small hint (Ecchi). Also the reason he came was tantamount to join in the very academy where Lisesharte was studying. Actually he was called by the Head of the academy to join there. However, our heroine, Lisesharte seems completely pissed off with the Head’s decision. So, the princess challenges him for a duel and also added that the outcome of the duel would decide his admission to the academy. And that’s when things got more interesting.



This anime is all about fighting with their sword devices which they consider as their pride. Our princess equips her sword device, a Divine Drag-Ride “Tiamat” and attacks him. Our hero had two sword devices, which is quite a strange thing. Because, everyone around there just carries one with them. However, he refuses to use his black one till the end of the duel. Some awesome plot twist is waiting, I guess. The duel comes to an end eventually and the outcome of the duel.. No, I’m not gonna tell you this one either (Spoiler). Nevertheless, I’ll tell you this one for sure. I didn’t expect such an outcome.

Also this anime has got a comedy mixed screenplay, but a little Ecchi type of comedy. Also by watching the first episode, I couldn’t actually guess the progress of the story. However, I can say one thing for sure. It seems Lux’s black sword has got some story behind it. Overall, the anime is a recommended one.

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