UK Holder! (Manga)

UK Holder! is a manga series written and illustrated by Ken Akamatsu, the creator of Love Hina and Negima! The main plot of the manga is all about a boy, Tōta Konoe who wanted to go to the capital. But the mayer of his village allowed he could go if he beat Yukihime. Tōta with his four friends spent his days battling the woman who raised him. Nevertheless, unfortunately, she knows magic. And they’ve beat her in a battle.

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UK Holder!

The screen play starts with a group of boys attacking a woman. But unfortunately, she has got some strange magical powers. She gave it back to those kids. That woman’s name is Yukihime. Tōta Konoe is one among them who planned to take her down. He was raised by Yukihime since both of his parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. Now Yukihime takes care of Tōta because she was the one in the other car during the accident. However, that was just a coincidence.

Tōta, our hero lost all his memories before the accident. So, all he knows was his four friends and Yukihime. Tōta Konoe always dreamed of needing to get to the capital. After the mayor of his village allowed he could go if he beat Yukihime, Tōta spent his days battling the woman who raised him. Nevertheless, one day, a bounty hunter comes for Yukihime. And that’s when things kinda start to get interesting. Don’t worry I’m not gonna tell you who the bounty hunter is (Spoiler). That’s quite an awesome twist.


One furious battle takes place between the bounty hunder and our hero. Eventually, things went out of control. Yukihime then revealed everything about her and stuffs that happened 2 years ago. She is a vampire and immortal. In order to keep her promise she had given to Tōta’s parents, she makes him into an immortal (Sorry for the spoiler. Can’t help!). The fight finally comes to an end.

Since their identity is disclosed, they started their journey to the capital. And the progress of the story line might be about how they manage to survive and reach the top of the tower which is found on the capital. So, if you’re looking for a decent manga to kill your time, then this manga (UK Holder!) might help you.

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