The Tenth Prism (Manga)

The Tenth Prism is a manga written by Masahito Soda, Kanaka Mizuki and illustrated by Masahito Soda. The main plot of this fantasy manga is all about a prince who possess some powers hidden within him protecting his kingdom. The artwork of this manga is done well. The storyline is solid and clean.

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The Tenth Prism

The manga starts in a war zone, I guess. Some strange fantasy creatures are fighting. Some humans were there as well. Their captain asked them not to abandon. They are waiting for a hero with a golden eye to come and save them from the war. They had high faith in that prophecy.


However, there is a country called Karan, miles away from there. People there lived in peace with no battles and wars. They have a prince named, Tsunashi. He had an eye patch on his right eye which even he couldn’t remove. Actually no one could. The elders in the country saw him as their savior. But that kid had no faith in himself. He claimed that his duties are a burden and he would never fulfill them. He found every single excuse to skip his responsibilities. He loved reading books. He skipped training and read book in the library.

One day, while he was on his way to the library, he heard Yui-san (his teacher) and a strange guy from another country talking. That guy offered Yui to join them. Nonetheless, he refused and also he added that he had good faith in Tsunashi that one day he will fulfill all of his duties as a prince. Our hero was touched by his master’s faith. So, he decided to train harder from then on. Our hero left. But their conversation still continued. The stranger claimed that Yui would be very apt as a prince and not Tsunashi. Those words sow seeds of evilness in his heart. He decided to become the prince himself and makes Karan the most powerful country in the world. Yui then killed that stranger with his sharp shining sword as well. And that’s when things started to get more interesting.

Tsunashi returned home later that night. He saw all of the royal servants dead. There was full of blood and terror. He called for Yui. After knowing that his very own master did all this for his desire of becoming the prince, his heart was broken into pieces. Yui tried to kill the prince after telling all of his disgusting plans. All of a sudden, our hero’s eyepatch fell off and a massive amount of energy came out of it. He had a golden eye. So, the prophecy was true after all. And that was Yui’s final battle.


The progress of this manga might be about how he manages to protect his country from the evil forces. The screenplay is not all that sarcastic. So, if you are a comedy manga lover, I’m not so sure whether you will love this manga or not. However, if you’re looking for some super cool fantasy manga, this one (The Tenth Prism) might help you kill your time.

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