Taiyō no Ie (Manga)

Taiyō no Ie is a Romantic manga. Mao Motomiya is a 17-year-old girl who feels her home becoming alien to her after her father’s remarriage. So, she starts living with her childhood friend Hiro Nakamura. As they live together, they become closer and closer and wait together for their lives to get better. Hiro waits for his siblings to return back and live together with him while Mao wants to be accepted into her family.

Genre                  –     Romance, Slice of life

Written by          –     Ta’amo

Published by      –     Kodansha

Demographic     –     Shōjo

Magazine            –     Dessert

Original run       –     June 2010 – February 2014

Volumes              –     13

The story proceeds gradually. All the characters are well defined and have their own roles to play in the story. New characters are not rushed into the story and are let to develop at the right times. The author has also given the background stories to explain how the characters became who they were, their circumstances and perspectives. The story explains how cruel loneliness could be in a very beautiful way.

The art is beautiful and quite appropriate for the story. Though the story type is shojo, it is neither filled with clichés nor too fluffy. The characters are funny and quirky.

I like the story especially for the way it portrays what family is and what it means in our lives. I would recommend this manga (Taiyō no Ie) to anyone who likes a refreshing and original plot with comedy in it.

Anime Zeno Rating: 9/10

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