Sun-Ken Rock (Manga)

Sun-Ken Rock is a manga written and illustrated by Boichi. The manga is all about a boy who doesn’t have a family. He goes to Korea for his love for a girl. The artwork feels so good. And the screenplay is great as well.

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Sun-Ken Rock

The screen play starts with our hero, Ken confessing his love to a girl. Her name is Yukin. Both of them are high school kids. But unfortunately, he’s rejected. It seems like she has a dream to become a police officer. Actually she’s Korean. She revealed it to him when he confessed his love. The next day itself she left the school.

One year passed. On one fine day, Ken saw her in the news. She actually did manage to become a police officer in Korea. Now that, our hero got some inspiration, she dropped out of school and gone to Korea to become a police officer. Nonetheless, his application’s rejected. Yeah, that’s so obvious. How can a high school drop out become a police officer? He’s completely frustrated. And that’s when he saw her. Actually, she saw him and referred to as first. And that’s when things kinda start to get interesting.


He was lying to her about his presence in Korea. He said that he got a job here in Korea and that’s the reason he’s here. God Bless Heavens! Fortunately, he didn’t get caught. Now he’s out of money. He landed into a restaurant. The old man who’s in charge of the restaurant offered him free food. Since, he’s a foreigner. And there came in some company – the bad guys. They were collecting mafia taxes from the old man. But it seems, the old man doesn’t have any money. He was beaten up.

Our hero, Ken’s blood boiled and he caught up to the fight. Those thugs didn’t even stand a chance. Then all of a sudden, he promised that he’ll be there and protect the old man who offered him free food forever. Wow, where did that came from? However, the manga looks promising with it’s sarcastic artworks. The progress of the manga might be about how he manages to protect the old man, make Yuikin fall in love over him and stuffs like that. However, if you’re just looking for a decent gangster manga to kill your time, this manga (Sun-Ken Rock) is recommended.

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