Stupidity, Gluttony and Determination in Anime!

Why do all mainstream anime protagonists eat so much? Why are all of them so stupid? Why are they all so determined? From Goku to Natsu all are identical in certain traits. The reasons are simple.

Firstly they are appealing.When it comes to anime its either the baka-type or the kuudere type, with the former having a bigger fan base. The baka-type do not have all answers. And this makes thinks simple. To convince the above fact one can remember what Hinata Shuyo said when it was hard for their team to stop their opponent from scoring by saying the following lines.

“If we can’t stop their from scoring, then let’s score more”
Technically speaking from the side of manga writers this helps in character development. Often people who are stupid or carefree tend to hold something dear and they literally fight till the end for it. Secondly, humour. Mainstream anime are combinations of various genres of which comedy is vital. These anime are developed centering boys, especially from elimentary to high school. The baka-type certainly helps in bringing out standard humour without ecchi. In other words they are simply shonen.

Further more every stupid protagonist has determination bundled with stupidity. In other words every anime is about determination. I think this shows the real Japan working community. This can also be used in possitive character construction.

And not to forget their appetite. This is simply for humour. The character stays in the hearts of people. Children often remember characters based on their eating habits. For instance Naruto reminds us of ramen and vice versa. This is what makes each character unique even when all have same traits.

This is but a template of protagonist design.
Note: This is purely based on my thoughts about mainstream anime character construction.

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