Special A (Manga)

Special A is a Shojo manga. Hikari Hanazono’s aim is to defeat Kei Takishima, her rival. She lost to Kei in a wrestling match when she was 6 years old. Since then, she has been aiming to defeat him in both academics and sports. Now, both of them belong to a special class of 7 members in an elite school and Hikari’s rivalry still goes on. Is there place for love in their rivalry?

Demographic      –     Shojo

Genre                    –     Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life

Author                  –     Minami Maki

Artist                     –     Minami Maki

Status                    –     Completed

The story is a typical shojo one and its pair resembles Usui-Misaki from Kaicho wa Maid sama. The story doesn’t have a serious plot. It talks about the different things the 7 students do in the school. The other 5 students also have their romance stories and I found this boring. Background stories are given for a few characters. Apart from that, there isn’t much of a character development.

The strength of the manga is its comedy. Due to this the story seems a bit amusing. The art is pretty average. Sometimes, reading the panels becomes laborious. The story doesn’t flow smoothly. I got bored soon. I felt that the characters weren’t built strong enough to make an impact.

Though the manga (Special A) relies on a lot of clichés, it can be an entertaining read for romance and comedy lovers.

Anime Zeno Rating: 6/10

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