The Seven Deadly Sins (Manga)

The Seven Deadly Sins is a manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki. The manga has got a comedy theme. The art work feels so good as well. Melio-das, our hero is just a little kid. He looks like a ten or may be twelve years old. He carries a sword on his shoulder all the time. He claims himself to be the owner of a tavern. He also had a talking pig with him named Hawk.

Note: First Impression is a group of articles which help you select whether the manga or anime might suit you or not. Here, we’ll read the first chapter of the manga or watch the first episode of the anime and we’ll write our initial impressions on that manga or anime. This series of articles might help you choose the manga or anime that suits you the best. There’ll be no spoilers except for the first episode which makes it even better than the manga or anime reviews articles.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Let’s get into the screenplay. The screenplay begins with a group of people in that tavern talking about the rumours of a group of armoured soldiers called the “Wandering Rust Knights”. They are rumoured to be dead people who wander all around the town haunting people. One guy also added a fact that these Knights murmurs to itself referring “The Seven Deadly Sins”. They also believed that the holy knights will go to take care of them.

At that very moment, one such Rust Knight suddenly appeared at the entrance of the tavern. All the people who were up in drinking and having fun ran away all of a sudden out of fear. But that kid was brave enough to ask “Who’re you?” The Knight fainted and collapsed. The armour protecting his head got removed by the impact of the fall. OMG! That’s not he. That’s a she. He gave her some food. Then there go some adult comedies.


And there come the guests. The Holy Knights came there in search of the Rust Knight. The boy and the pig tried to escort her by making some jokes with the Holy Knights. However, they are that stupid. They are the Holy Knights after all. Then they chased them with the intention of killing them. And that’s when the coolest part starts. The author reveals who she actually is. And there comes the second plot twist. The author reveals who that boy really is as well. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell you what happened (Spoilers). See it for yourself, that’s one awesome plot twist. Then they somehow was able to escape from the Holy Knights.

Finally all the truth now comes to the light. Both of them had a similar goal for maintaining peace in the Kingdom. So, they joined together in search of the “Seven Deadly Sins”. By the end of the chapter, you’ll get to know how the progress in the story will be. Apart from the official side, this manga is a personally recommended one.

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