Second Qualifier registrations are open now


As the first qualifiers had completed on march 2, here we are. The second qualifier registrations are open now.

More information about the Storm League

Compete in intense battles and qualify for the Grand Finals in the ESL Studios in Cologne, Germany! 15 000€ are on the line!

The Storm Championship Season 1 will include 3 qualifiers on both PC, Xbox One and PS4. The winner of each Qualifier will win 100€ and his place for the Grand Final. The qualifiers will take place on:

  • March 2nd
  • March 7th
  • March 10th

To participate, players must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Participants must be at least 16 years old
  • Participants must be able to attend the Grand Finals on March 19th in Cologne (Germany) and hold the valid documents to travel there.

Complete rules and eligible countries are available here. Players accept these rules by registering to a qualifier.

Travels and accommodations will be paid by the ESL if you win your place to the Grand Finals in Cologne!

To participate, it’s really simple! Register on the dedicated topic here:

Once registered, the bracket will be accessible when the tournament begins! Contact your opponent, and play your matches. The timing to be respected will be communicated on the tournament page. The qualifiers are played in Best of 1 until the final played in Best of 3. Here are the settings used for the matches:

  • Battle type: Team Match
  • Round: 3
  • Private room: On
  • Everchanging rules: Off
  • Elemental Effects: Off
  • Stage selection: Random
  • Character selection: All characters are allowed unless stated otherwise
  • Techniques selection: All techniques are allowed unless stated otherwise

When prompted to “save a video clip of this battle” at the end of a game, you will always have to select “yes”. This clip will be used as the main source of proof to resolve disputes. On STEAM, please take a screenshot of the victory screen as a proof (F12 by default).

Good luck!

via storm-league. com.

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