School Days

School days is an anime directed by Motonaga, Keitarou based on a visual novel. This is a high school romantic drama. This main plot of the anime is all about the love story of a high school kid with some mild nudity and adult content. The story line is definite. The screenplay of the anime makes the plot even better.

Note: First Impression is a group of articles which help you select whether the manga or anime might suit you or not. Here, we’ll read the first chapter of the manga or watch the first episode of the anime and we’ll write our initial impressions on that manga or anime. This series of articles might help you choose the manga or anime that suits you the best. There’ll be no spoilers except for the first episode which makes it even better than the manga or anime reviews articles.

School Days

Makoto Itou, a student at Sakakino Academy saw a girl during the second semester opening ceremony and instantly falls in love at first sight. It seems they ride the same trains. He takes a picture of her and makes that as his mobile wallpaper. Just a rumor starts spreading around the academy. The rumor states that if you take a photo of someone you love with your cellphone and keep it hidden for three weeks, then they’ll fall for you. He’s tries that out. However, he was caught by his new classmate, Sekai Saionji on the first day itself. But she offers to help him get her. And that’s when things kinda start to get more interesting.


However, as she promised she became friends with Kotonoha Katsura, the girl Itou loves. She invited her to join lunch with them, thus helping him out. The very next day Itou asks her out. It seems she too has a crush on him which she shared with Sekai that day itself. As the schools are done, he was waiting for her. But it seems she was quite busy with her school stuffs. So, he decides to wait. At that time, Sekai shows up. And there comes the plot twist with her. She suddenly kisses Itou and wishes him good luck for his date and then she gets in her train and goes off. It seems she too had a crush on Itou secretly.

However, she looks so depressed but didn’t show that to him. The progress of the story line might be about how things among the three high school kids settle. The anime has a comedy mixed screenplay which makes it even better. If you’re a looking for some high school romantic anime, this one (School Days) is strongly recommended.

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