ReLIFE (Manga)

ReLIFE is a manga series written and illustrated by Yayoiso. The main theme of the manga is all about a 27 year old guy who is unfortunately unemployed and searching for a job. The artwork is pretty good. Also, the manga is a coloured one.

Note: First Impression is a group of articles which help you select whether the manga or anime might suit you or not. Here, we’ll read the first chapter of the manga or watch the first episode of the anime and we’ll write our initial impressions on that manga or anime. This series of articles might help you choose the manga or anime that suits you the best. There’ll be no spoilers except for the first episode which makes it even better than the manga or anime reviews articles.


The screenplay starts with our hero, Arata Kaizaki getting kicked out from an interview. Unfortunately the scene gets even worse the next morning. He gets a call from his mom. She said that they were no longer going to take care of him anymore. OMG! *Shocks* Looks like he is currently living somewhere else for the sake of his part-time job. The dude is 27 years old, unemployed and the best part is coming right away. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend.


The manga really feels so good to read with all the fun theme mixed with the story line. The progress of the story might be about how he manages to get a job, a girlfriend and stuffs like that. So, if you’re looking for some fun manga with a day to day normal storyline, this manga might help you kill your time. Also if you’re currently unemployed and looking for a job, this manga might inspire you.

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