Red River (Manga)

Red River is a Shōjo manga. Yuri is a modern teenager who is made to travel across time by the evil queen of the ancient Hittite empire. The queen wants to offer Yuri as a sacrifice inorder to kill all the princes except her own son. Prince Kail helps Yuri and along the way, both of them form a great relation but will Yuri return back to her time?

Demographic        –     Shōjo

Genre                       –     Fantasy, Historical, Drama, Romance

Written by               –     Chie Shinohara

Published by           –     Shogakukan

Magazine                 –     Shōjo Comic

Original run            –     1995 – 2002

Volumes                   –     28

The story is wonderful. It has all elements of a story mixed in a very entertaining way. Yuri, the heroine is confident and cool. Character development is strong in the manga. Yuri transforms from a naive teenager to a fearless girl. There are a lot of villains in the story and background stories explain why they have turned out to be so. Both Yuri and Kail are very realistic. They can be very strong and very emotional at the same time. Their love story is beautiful as well. They don’t restrict each other’s freedom but in fact, respect each other.

Red River

The art style used in the manga is a very old one. It is quite average when the story goes on in Japan and gets better when ancient Egypt enters the plot. Some drawings have a lot of details and the mangaka has done a great job with them.

I love the manga (Red River) for its romance and characters. So, I would definitely recommend this for readers who love historical romance stories.

Anime Zeno Rating: 8/10

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