Prince of Stride


Prince of Stride is an otome game developed by Kadokawa Games and Vridge for the PlayStation Vita. Later, an anime adaptation is made. Prince of Stride: Alternative is the name of the television anime series. The anime Opening theme song is “Strider’s High” by OxT (Masayoshi Ōishi x Tom-H@ck). Ending theme is “Be My Steady” by Galaxy Standard. Both of them really feel so fresh. The background score lifts up the screenplay to the next level.

Nana Sakurai, the protagonist joined the Honan Academy. She wanna join the Honan Stride club as a manager ever since she watched a video of Honan striding in the internet. Stride is a street running game with 5 people running against another 5 with a relationer connecting their respective teams. But she felt like joining a school all because a single internet video is so silly when she actually came to know that Honan now didn’t even have a team to participate in the stride competition. Honan Stride club, it was once the best Stride club. But due to some reasons, now they didn’t even have a team. It’s a rule that a club should have at least 5 members, so they joined with the Shogi club which only had Amuyu so that both the club could exist at the least. However, she did’t lose hope. So, she went on recruiting members for the stride club.


Riku Yagami, the male protagonist is a naturally talented sportsman. He actually loves every single sport except Kabbadi. His advantage in playing sports is that he is so fast. The next one is Takeru Fujiwara. He is not naturally talented it seems. Nevertheless, he trains harder than anyone else and he pulled himself to a level, the famous stride player in middle school. He also wanna join the Honan Stride Club. His only interest is stride.

On seeing Riku’s talent, Sakurai and Fujiwara compels him to join the stride club so that they will get a team. Also Sakurai gets a position as well, as a relationer. At first Riku resists. However, he joins the team eventually (Since even the posters say it, I’ll not count this one as a Spoiler). So, the progress of the anime might be all about how they manage to bring the Honan Stride club back to form and what happens next. For those people who actually miss their high school sports team, they’ll enjoy this anime for sure. I actually enjoyed this one. Apart from the official side, I personally recommend this anime for all sports person. I believe that you’ll love this anime.

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