Platinum End – From the creators of Death Note!

As we all know Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata is one hell of a duo. Their first manga series “Death Note” is one of the best manga ever! Now they’ve joined together again, for creating a Dark Supernatural manga — Platinum End!

This manga “Platinum End” is being serialized Shueisha’s monthly Jump SQ magazine since November 4, 2015. The main plot of this manga series is about a teenage boy who’s fed up with living. So, he tries to commit suicide. But an angel saves his life and gives him some angelic powers. Only when it’s too late, he comes to know that he has done a terrible mistake seeking help from the angel. He was not the only one. There were 12 other candidates in this game. Game..!? Yeah, it’s a surviving game! The last one who’s alive among these 13 people will become the next God in about 999 days. Let the game begin!


The storyline however feels the same as the anime series “Future Diary”. Still I personally believe the Death Note duo will surely give us something new and awesome. Now check out some of the reviews by some popular critics.

The central character is a teenage boy fed up with life, who is guided by a supernatural force and given great power. Both leads seemingly find themselves on the path to becoming a deity. However, while Light Yagami uses his powers for diabolic ends, killing anyone he suspects of doing anything wrong while being observed by a shinigami, Mirai Kakehashi is guided by an apparently more benevolent force.

Ian Wolf from Anime UK News (comparing Platinum End with Death Note)

While I don’t have too much doubt it’ll be stronger overall, the overt edginess here isn’t something I was quite expecting from Ohba. Still it’s a pretty interesting read from beginning to end, and there’s a lot of potential in terms of both thriller aspects and the overall theme. Hopefully, it’ll be able to differentiate itself from Future Diary more going forward, but for now the idea of Ohba and Obata taking a crack at their own version of it seems pretty good to me.

Jarius Taylor from The Fandom Post

The first volume of this manga series was listed in the Oricon’s weekly list of the best-selling manga, selling over 105,213 copies. That’s one hell of a start, I would say. So, if you’re a fan of this duo and if you’ve not read this manga yet, hurry up.

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