“Paramount war” story mode !


“Big news for fans of One Piece’s Marineford arc: In One Piece: Burning Blood, players will be able to experience this story through “Paramount War” mode, featuring Marineford battles and cutscenes.”, says Bandai Entertainment.

In addition to the new story mode, we are also announcing five more characters joining the roster: Whitebeard, Marco, Joz, Jimbei, and Luffy (2 years ago). Stay tuned to the blog this week for more screenshots and details about these key characters from the Battle of Marineford. Plus, we’ll have more to reveal about “Paramount War” mode in the coming weeks.”, Bandai Namco Entertainment adds up.

Whitebeard, Marco, Joz, Jimbei, and Luffy (2 years ago) are confirmed along with “Paramount War” mode that takes players through the Marineford arc!  

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