Orange (Manga)

Orange is a Shōjo manga. Naho receives a letter from her future self and the letter tells her that there will be a new transfer student named Kakeru joining her class today and all other events that will take place that day. Her future self-tells her that Kakeru would be dead soon and asks her to take proper care of him and also advises her not to make the same mistakes she had done in her school life.

Demographic       –     Shōjo, Seinen

Genre                      –     Romance, Slice of life, Drama, Mystery, School life, tragedy

Written by             –     Ichigo Takano

Published by         –     Shueisha Futabasha

Magazine               –     Bessatsu Margaret

Original run          –     2012 – 2015

Volumes                 –     5


The letters are like diary entries and offer advice to Naho on how to treat and take decisions regarding Kakeru. Sometimes, doing things different from the past still end up giving the same result as in the past and this creates drama in the story. But, this drama strengthens the story. The friends of the main characters are amusing as each of them is unique. But, apart from Kakeru, there is no character development for any other character. The story has a few twists and turns which keep the story interesting. The exchanges between all the characters are funny and sometimes adorable too.

The art is pretty good. The characters in their teenage and adulthood are drawn beautifully. I like the manga (Orange) as it is different from the general shojo stories. I would recommend this story for readers who love bitter sweet romances.

Anime Zeno Rating: 8/10

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