One Piece: Burning Blood – New moveset videos released!


One Piece: Burning Blood community uploaded three Moveset videos of Nami, Usopp and Chopper recently. Now that after those videos, I’m kinda feeling’ even more excited about the game. So, One Piece fans give it a try already.

Nami (Moveset video)

Nami faces off against Buggy in this clip, harkening back to their first encounter in the Orange Town Arc. Nami wields her Clima-Tact staff with skill, manipulating the weather and dispatching thunderclouds to zap Buggy with lightning.

Chopper (Moveset video)

In this clip, Chopper tests out his moves against Moria. He uses his Zoan Fruit abilities to shapeshift his form as needed. He also consumes a Rumble Ball to increase his power even more, causing him to grow to gigantic size.

Usopp (Moveset video)

Here, Usopp uses his different attacks against Perona, just as he did in their hilarious battle during the Thriller Bark Arc. Usopp is a talented sniper, pelting Perona with hits from his slingshot. He even fires a Pop Green that transforms into a giant wolf!

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