One Piece: Burning Blood – More on Luffy’s special attacks

The team working behind the scenes had recently disclosed some information regarding the upcoming game One Piece: Burning Blood!

More on Luffy’s special attacks

Naturally, Straw Hat Luffy is a key player in One Piece Burning Blood. To help you prepare for battle, today we’re taking a closer look at just a few of his special attacks…

Fourth Gear: Gear Fourth Luffy is a bonus in One Piece Burning Blood’s Pre-order Edition. With his inflated torso, Gear Fourth Luffy’s speed and strength are nearly unbeatable.

Fireworks: While spinning in the air, Luffy (2 years ago) rains down rapid-fire punches and kicks all around him, making Fireworks especially handy when fighting multiple opponents at once.

Space Out: Luffy (2 years ago) turns off his brain and lets instinct guide him completely, making him incredibly adept at dodging attacks (but not so good at mounting attacks of his own).

Snake Shot: Luffy stretches his arms out like winding snakes to grab and squeeze his enemy. This is particularly useful against smaller opponents who might be able to hide from other attacks.

Screen Shots


Game Information

Genre : Fighting.

Platforms : PlayStation®4 , PlayStation®Vita , Xbox One.

Developer : Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.

Release Date : June 2016

So, all that we have to do is wait just for a while.

Source : One Piece – Game . com

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