Nijiiro Days

Nijiiro Days is a Japanese shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Minami Mizuno. Later anime adaptation is made. The opening theme song is “Best Friend” by Sonar Pocket, while its ending theme, “Rainbow Days!”, was performed by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Takuya Eguchi, Nobunaga Shimazaki, and Kouki Uchiyama. They are the voice actors for Natsuki Hashiba, Tomoya Matsunaga, Keiichi Katakura, and Tsuyoshi Naoe, respectively.

The anime starts with the Christmas Eve, our hero, Natsuki sniffing under a tree. Suddenly a girl dressed like Santa comes down and offers him tissues. He in turn gave her a muffler which he actually bought for his ex-girlfriend who dumped him.

On one fine day, he saw that Santa girl his high school. He actually went crazy after seeing her wearing that very muffler he gave her. And that’s when our hero fell in love. Things got interesting from then on.



He has three friends Tomoya Matsunaga, Keiichi Katakura, and Tsuyoshi Naoe. He asks advice how to strike up a conversation with her. However, many funny yet cute things happen between them. First time, inside their sensei’s room and then in a karaoke place. Our hero is quite a non-romantic kinda guy. So, all of his try eventually end up funny.

The progress of the anime might be a question of how he manages to confess his love and what happens next it seems. I guess, every anime lover girl might like this kinda anime. But not only girls, I am a guy and I liked this anime very much. I personally recommend this anime for all guys doing college who actually misses all those delightful moments in their high school with their high school friends. This anime really made me get down the memory lane to my high school.

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