Naruto vs. Saitama – Who will win…??

What if Naruto and Saitama faced each other on a battlefield. What? Naruto vs. Saitama? What will be the outcome of the fight? Just keep guessing. One Punch Man vs. Naruto. Who the hell would win this mighty battle?

Note: This article completely based on my point of view. So, if you’re not so satisfied with the outcomes, just make sure to share your thoughts via the comments section. Also, the article may contain some spoilers. So, take a look at your own risk.

Naruto Uzumaki ( Naruto )


Naruto, the protagonist of one of the most popular TV anime series “Naruto” and “Naruto Shippuden”. In this anime, the world is so full of ninjas. At first, our hero was a real failure. However, through sheer will power and determination, he became one of the strongest characters in the anime series. I guess, I don’t have to speak a lot about Naruto. He’s a super famous fictional character after all.

Saitama ( One Punch Man )


Saitama, the protagonist of the “One Punch Man” TV anime series, is the strongest hero in the fictional Japanese metropolis of City Z. In this anime, the world is full of strange monsters that mysteriously appear and cause disasters. But our hero Saitama in strong enough that he easily defeats the monsters or other villains with a single punch. However, due to his overwhelming strength, he has become bored with his power and is constantly attempting to reach stronger opponents who can present a challenge to him. To be more honest, I do not find any weakness in him. Nevertheless, I’m quite sure his strength lies in his fists.

Naruto vs. Saitama

Okay, now let’s just imagine what will happen if something happened like Saitama meets Naruto Uzumaki in a battle.

(Please note: If you are here and if you say like you just don’t know who Saitama is, please first go watch the ‘ One Punch Man ‘ Anime and come back again.. ) (Mind voice: God.., If someone just asks who Naruto is, please kill ’em ! ) lol.., just for fun..

I know that practically it’s not gonna happen.., so let’s get in theoretically..

Now let’s get into the battle..

Battle begins. Saitama punches Naruto. Naruto is dead..

Haha.., just kidding.. I think everybody knows that it’s his Shadow clone obviously! And I know what you are thinking actually.. Yeah.. You are right. Saitama has to punch all those 10,000 shadows clones. (What a drag… )

Meanwhile, Naruto activates his sage mode. And now the real battle begins…

Saitama brings his fist folded against Naruto’s Rasengan.. And you know that it will take at least 3 to 4 episodes on their fists to meet with all that filler stuffs overloaded.. lol !!!

Now keep all the jokes apart and just think deeply.., what will happen if something like that happens…??

Okay now let me tell you something.. Why do they even ever have to fight each other…?? Everybody knows that it’s not gonna happen. Even if something like happens.., Everybody knows who will win..

Its….. wait..

Yeah as I said, nothing like that’s gonna happen..


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