Naruto – How Senju clan disappeared ??

Senju clan was one of the clans responsible for founding Konoha. Also it is one of the strongest clan of all time. But it has been said that Tsunade (Fifth Hokage), the grand daughter of Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) is the last survivor of the clan which obviously means the clan is completely extinct. But how did senju clan, one of the most powerful clans of all time disappear. How Senju clan disappeared?

Note: This article completely based on my point of view. So, if you’re not so satisfied with the outcomes, just make sure to share your thoughts via the comments section. Also, the article may contain some spoilers. So, check out your own risk.


How Senju clan disappeared ??

We all know how Hashirama and his younger brother Tobirama (Second Hokage) died. But, nobody knows how the whole senju clan disappeared and till now, it’s a mystery. Numerous fan fictions are made on this topic. However, none of them seems convincing to me. So, let me share my theory with you all.

I even came across a fan fiction theory that claimed senju clan was massacred by someone and stuffs like that. But my point of view is that as one of the strongest clans of all time, they contributed more lives to all the three great shinobi wars. Eventually, it ended up as Tsunade to be the only survivor of the senju clan. Let’s not make the issue more complicated. However, this is just my point of view.

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