Namaikizakari (Manga)

Namaikizakari is a Shoujo. Machida Yuki is the manager of the basketball team and Naruse Shou is her junior and is one of the members of the team. She wishes not to get involved with him but Naruse doesn’t let that happen. So, what ensues between the two in their school life?

Yuki doesn’t express her feelings and takes her basketball team seriously. Naruse is the obnoxious junior who acts as he pleases. Initially, basketball just seems like a background setting for the story but it becomes the main element later. The story shows how the relation between Naruse and Yuki changes and also the progress and competitions the basketball team goes through.

There are only a few important characters and they are simple too. Based on the story’s process until now, there aren’t any complex characters. The pairing of Naruse and Yuki results in a lot of funny moments.

The story is pretty simple. It uses cliché’s in an entertaining manner. Importance to basketball is also given in the story. The art is above average. Starry and flowery backgrounds aren’t used excessively. The number of panels on a page is also moderate, so reading is easy.

I like the story (Namaikizakari) as it is light-hearted and funny with a simple romance. It is very similar to Kaicho wa Maid sama. I would recommend this story to those who would like to read a simple but entertaining story.

Anime Zeno Rating: 7/10

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