Myth about devil fruits

There is a popular myth in onepiece that any user cannot eat more than one devil fruit. Continue reading to bust that myth now.

A devil fruit is a mystical fruit that gives the user variety of special abilities depending on the type and variation of the fruit.

If used with precise timing, every devil fruit has its own unique powers. But what happens when you eat two devil fruits?

The popular myth is that when a user consumes two devil fruits, the power of the second fruit will replace the first fruit.

According to Shanks, a devil fruit is a incarnation of sea monsters and by this he means the aftereffects of eating a devil fruit ie.becoming an iron in sea.

Also, another theme is that a devil fruit tastes unimaginably bad that no one would dare to consume it. The user feels like they have taken poison.

During Enis lobby, Rob Lucci and Blueno stated that when anyone consumes two devil fruits, he/she explodes due to the extraordinary power they gain.


But an exception to the above myth is that Marshall D. Teach , a Yami Yami no mi fruit user stole the power of Gura Gura no mi, which leads to a mythbreaker 

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