Myriad Colors Phantom World

This anime is an adaptation from a Japanese fantasy novel series written by Sōichirō Hatano and illustrated by Shirabi began which airing in January 2016. The opening theme song is “Naked Dive” by Screen Mode, and the ending theme is “Junshin Always” by Azusa Tadokoro. Both of them are quite good. To be more particular, the music feels so pleasant to hear.

Well now let’s get into the First Impressions of the anime. Due to some experimental accident, a new virus came into the world which affected the chemical composition of the human brains. Now that all the human beings were able to see the creators which belong to another dimension. These creators are called as ‘Phantoms’. Speaking of Phantoms, there are both good ones and also evil ones. So, many clubs have been founded in various places across the world so that they train people to seal those troubles making phantoms.

Haruhiko Ichijo and Mai Kawakami, belongs to one such Phantom sealing club spent their days sealing all those troubles making Phantoms spreading peace. Also they earn some money for doing such things. However, they feel like their team was not good enough. So, they were looking for people to adhere to their team.



On one fine day, our hero Haruhiko meets a girl with some extra ordinary super powers, Reina Izumi. Resisting to join their team initially. Later she makes up her mind and joins the team. So, the progress of the anime is a question of how they manage to seal all the evil Phantoms, I guess.

This anime is not that serious kind of anime. The story is concrete and the story moves on with some comedies and stuffs like that. This anime is completely a fantasy type still I’ll prescribe sci-fi fans to give it a shot too.

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