Maid Sama (Manga)

Misaki Ayuzawa (Maid Sama) is the president of the Student Council in her school which was once an all-boys school. To create a peaceful school life for the girls, she is extremely strict with the boys and this makes the boys hate and fear her. In spite of her tough appearance, she secretly works at a maid cafe to help her family. One day, Takumi Usui, her school’s popular boy finds this secret. He doesn’t spread the secret around; instead, he takes a liking to her due to her unique nature. The story revolves around Misaki and Usui.

Genre                 –     Romantic comedy

Written by          –     Hiro Fujiwara

Published by      –     Hakusensha

Demographic     –     Shōjo

Magazine            –     LaLa

Original run       –     December 2005 – September 2013

Volumes              –     18

Misaki is strong and can look after herself. Usui treats Misaki as an equal. Both of them rely on each other and care for each other. They are stubborn and hold their identities strongly.

The manga (Maid Sama) is extremely funny. Though Usui is a popular boy, he does weird things that catch the attention of Misaki and the readers. The romance is enjoyable in the story. Though the manga belongs to the shojo category, it isn’t nauseatingly fluffy. The background stories of Misaki and Usui are revealed gradually. The art is good. But the highlight of the art would be the chibi. They are just awesome.

I like the story mainly for the strong heroine and the comedy. I would recommend this manga (Maid Sama) for readers who would like to read a heart warming, hilarious and romantic story.

Anime Zeno Rating: 8/10

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