Maho Girls PreCure!

Maho Girls PreCure! is a 2016 Japanese television anime series by Toei Animation, directed by Masato Mitsuka and written by Isao Murayama with character design by Emiko Miyamoto. The opening theme is “Dokkin♢Mahōtsukai PreCure!” composed by Aiko Okumura and performed by Rie Kitagawa, who previously performed the ending themes for Go! Princess PreCure, while the ending theme is “Cure Up↑ Ra♡Pa☆Pa!~ Hohoemi ni Naru Mahō ~” composed by Akifumi Tada and performed by Rie Takahashi and Yui Horie. The background music is composed by Hiroshi Takaki, who previously composed the music for DokiDoki! PreCure, HappinessCharge PreCure!, and Go! Princess PreCure. The screenplay feels kinda girly.

The anime starts with a 13 year old girl, Mirai Asahina seeing something falling from the sky. Her granny said that it might be a witch flying on a broom stick. So, next morning, she goes in search of the witch. Somehow, she meets the witch with a magical broom stick, Riko. At first the witch seems uncomfortable with her. Eventually they end up as friends. During an incident, they noticed something similar between them, their necklace.Mahou.Tsukai.Precure!.full.1957187

The witch said that she was searching something and Mirai joins her as well. And there came a stranger asking about some magical stone to them. They ran away from him. He then spells the magical words and they got into a fight. And that’s when things got interesting.

However, the girls somehow was able to win the fight. But they got to know something really exciting about themselves during that fight which I’m not gonna tell you (Spoiler). After their fight, Riko brings Mirai with her to a Magic School. So, the progress of the anime might be a question of how they manage to become veteran witches and what happens next it seems. However, this anime feels kinda girly as I mentioned already. So, is there any high school girls out there, this one is highly recommended for you.

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