Maga-Tsuki (Manga)

Maga-Tsuki is a manga written and illustrated by Hoshino Taguchi. This manga is all about a high school kid who was cursed by the goddess of misfortune. The artwork is clean and the story line is not bad as well. The screenplay is filled with comedy. So, you’ll not get bored reading it.

Note: First Impression is a group of articles which help you select whether the manga or anime might suit you or not. Here, we’ll read the first chapter of the manga or watch the first episode of the anime and we’ll write our initial impressions on that manga or anime. This series of articles might help you choose the manga or anime that suits you the best. There’ll be no spoilers except for the first episode which makes it even better than the manga or anime reviews articles.


The screenplay starts with a group of three naughty highschool kids peeping on some girl’s panties standing under a wooden staircase. Our hero, Yasuke Arahabaki is one among them. Akari Inamori, our hero’s childhood friend comes by and *BOOM*! He was caught red handed. It seems our hero has a secret crush on her. Then both of them went to a shrine. Yasuke’s sister, Miyano (Shinto Priestess) invited Akari for food. But she left a note saying that she won’t be joining them today. Yasuke thought that it would be the correct time to confess his love.

While Akari was busy cooking, Yasuke was clearing all the grass in front of the main shrine. But accidentally he breaks a mirror. A goddess suddenly appeared. She claimed herself as the goddess of misfortune. Since Yasuke broke the mirror and released her, he’s cursed. It seems he has to make the goddess happy and only then the curse will be removed. Also if he tries to flee off from her, he’ll die. Then the goddess had to kiss him. So, that he’ll not die. Akari suddenly comes over and saw them kissing. And that’s when things kinda start to get interesting.


She misunderstood the situation and ran off crying. When Yasuke tried to convince her, the goddess got displeased and thunder flashed out of nowhere. It seems Akari is afraid of thunders. She collapsed. Lost consciousness and fell down. Yasuke protects her and that was one hell of a situation for anyone to handle.

The progress of the storyline might be about how he manages to undo the curse, convince Akari and stuffs like that. If you’re looking for some comedy manga to kill your time, this one (Maga-Tsuki) might help.

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