My Little Monster (Manga)

My Little Monster is a Shōjo manga. Shizuku Mizutani is interested only in her studies and grades. One day, she is given the task of delivering class printouts to Haru Yoshida. Haru considers Shizuku his friend and thus forms a new relation. Soon, he declares his love for her. But, what does Shizuku feel about all this?

Demographic      –     Shōjo

Genre                     –     Romantic comedy, School Life

Written by            –     Robico

Published by        –     Kodansha

Magazine              –     Dessert

Original run         –      August 23, 2008 – June 24, 2013

Volumes                –     12 + 1 special volume

Shizuku is considered cold and blunt. Haru is a naive boy who wishes to make friends. But, he is socially awkward and ends up becoming a trouble maker. There are a few important characters whose stories grow as the story grows. Each and every character in this manga is unique, cute and amusing. Moreover, the main characters retain their personalities even at the end of the story. They hold onto their identities firmly which is quite fresh.

The art is sweet and cute. It goes well with the theme of the manga. Panels are less so reading is not laborious. The manga belongs to the slice of life genre. It flows slowly. But this pace suits the story. It allows the characters to develop gradually without rushing. The manga is a blend of romance and comedy.

I like the manga (My Little Monster) for its simplicity and comedy. So, this would be a great read for fans of a light and sweet romance.

Anime Zeno Rating: 8/10

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