Kyō no Kira-kun (Manga)

Nino is a quiet and hardly noticed girl while Kira is the  popular boy in her class. Though Nino and Kira live near each other, they have never talked. But, Nino finds out about a huge secret of Kira and their relationship changes and proceeds towards love.

Written by            –   Rin Mikimoto

Published by         –   Kodansha

Demographic        –   Shōjo

Magazine               –   Bessatsu Friend

Original run          –   13 January 2012 – 11 August 2014

Volumes                –   8

The plot of the story is quite common where an unpopular character falls in love with a popular character. The place where there is difference is the health of the hero. Kira is sick and has only a year more to live. Moreover, Kira is quite different from most of the protagonists I’ve come across in stories. Once in a while, he behaves like a bully while he is actually a very emotional kid. In fact, he is cute sometimes too. Nino is also different from the typical shoujo heroines. She is strong and doesn’t keep depending on Kira. She isn’t a crybaby either.

The characters are well explained in the story. The art is simply beautiful. Important moments are highlighted through the art. This story has tragedy in it. Despite that, the story could be quite cheerful as well. The story reminds how important and precious life and time could be.

I like this manga (Kyō no Kira-kun) and I would recommend this to those who would like to read a bittersweet story with a bit of comedy and love.

Anime Zeno Rating: 8/10

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