Kuroko no basket

The following article is our first review for an anime. We’ve reviewed Kuroko no basket.

Directed by Shunsuke Tada
Written by Noburo Takagi


Note: The following article contains spoilers. Hence read it at your own risk.

This bright sports anime deserves stardom. One of the bests in its category, this is phenomenal. The art is shounen and sure does go well with the “team spirit” centered anime. All OSTs are nice to listen and sync well with the pauseless screenplay.

The character development really stands out from the rest of the sports anime I’ve watched. Each with different abilities and certainly the unusual hair colors is a touch! The characters stay with the watchers not fading away. The dialogues are awe-inspiring with some being exceptional.

Next, the screenplay is as fast as a real basketball game, with frame skips to perfect timings and no flaws in them. Aomine vs Kise is evident enough.

The story moves like this:

Kagami Taiga is a transfer student from America to Seinen High with the intensity of a tiger and well developed musculature. There he finds another student called Kuroko who is relatively weak and is literally bad in basketball. He is shocked by the fact that Kuroko was actually a member of “Generation of Miracles” a group of 6 amazing middle school basketball players who are better than Kagami, now separated because of a trial or a promise. What is the promise? How did Kuroko become a member of an elite group with no physical prowess?

Despite having the core of the story different from most of the sports anime, it still has the senpai-“cliche”. If you are a person who feels annoyed by these, my suggestions would be “Get over it”. The anime in my opinion is a must watch and of course I loved the entire anime.

Zeno Rating-3.75/5


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