Kurayami Ni Strobe (Manga)

Kurayami Ni Strobe is a high school romantic drama. Arata has been in love with his childhood friend, Miyamoto for quite some time. He has the habit of eavesdropping whenever his friend receives love confessions.

Demographic          –   Shounen Ai

Genre                        –   Drama, Romance, School Life, Slice Of Life

Author                      –   Hayakawa, Nojiko (Story & Art)

Volumes                   –   1

Chapters                   –   7

Status                        –   Completed

Serialization            –   Cab

But one day, Miyamoto declines a confession telling that he already has someone he likes and on noticing Arata’s presence, he asks him if he wishes to know who it is. Will this lead to the development of a new relationship?

The story takes place with a highschool setup. Arata is scared to express his true feelings as he fears the way world would treat gays but Miyamoto is so naive, cute and innocent that he expresses his feelings bluntly. The love between childhood friends part is a cliché’ but the author has made use of it brilliantly. The story is told in a realistic manner and it moves slowly as well. The interactions between the 2 friends are hilarious and their reactions are priceless.

The art is amazing. It expresses the different feelings of joy, doubt, fear… clearly. The characters are also drawn in a very cute manner. I love the story for its art, romance and comedy. So, I would recommend this manga (Kurayami Ni Strobe) for short and sweet story fans.

Anime Zeno Rating: 9/10

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