Kiss Him, Not Me (Manga)

Kiss Him, Not Me is a manga published by Kodansha. The main theme of the manga is all about a girl who loves to see the boys getting along with each others. She loves to indulge in wild fantasies! The artwork seems pretty good.

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Kiss Him, Not Me

The screenplay starts with a group of highschool boys playing volleyball. A girl named Kae Serinuma, a “fujoshi”. She loves to see the boys getting along with each others. She has been watching the match. She is a little overweight. So, no one has ever asked her out. But one day, while she was watching an anime. Her favorite character dies and that shock made her lose a ton of weight. And that’s when stuffs kinda start to get more interesting.


One week she bunked her school and she didn’t come off the bed. Nevertheless, she has no other go but to go to her school anyway. When she goes to her school, everyone just gone mad. They couldn’t believe that she is who she used to be. After losing weight, she became a lot more cute. And so boys in her school started to ask her out. But the funny thing here is she is not excited for these kind of stuffs. She doesn’t want any guy to kiss her. She hopes that they will kiss each other. That’s what she loves.

Four cutest boys in the school asked her out. What will she do ?! The progress of the manga might be about how she manages live up to her fantasies. The manga has got a really funny theme. I do not really know about the boys, but I guess teenage girls will love this manga (Kiss Him, Not Me).

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