Kimi ni Todoke (Manga)

Kimi ni Todoke ia a manga written and illustrated by Karuho Shiina. Sawako Kuronuma is mistaken for a scary girl due to her shy and silent nature. Despite that, she wishes to make friends and fit in with others. She finds the popular boy of her class, Kazehaya Shouta refreshing. Shouta befriends her and there begins the formation of a new relation.

Demographic          –   Shōjo

Genre                        –   Romantic comedy, Slice of life, Drama

Written by                –   Karuho Shiina

Published by            –   Shueisha

Magazine                  –   Bessatsu Margaret

Original run             –   May 25, 2006 – ongoing

Volumes                    –   25

The plot is a clichéd one but the cliché’s are used in an efficient and beautiful manner which makes the story unique among its counterparts. Kazehaya is a cute, friendly and sweet hero while Sawako is an adorable heroine. The story follows the transformation of their relation and concentrates on the growth of Kuronuma’s personality. The characters are simple and the story is light. No character is given a complex past or cold personality. The main characters have a few friends and the lives of these friends are also concentrated upon in the story. Each character is unique and funny too.


The story flows slowly letting the characters discover themselves and take steps towards their lives at their own pace. The characters are not rushed into the story. The art is beautiful and quite graceful. The story has a lot of comedy as well. Though the story is cute, it is not mushy which keeps readers away from being annoyed.

I like the story for its light and sweet nature. I would recommend this manga (Kimi ni Todoke) for readers who like slow, sweet romance stories with interesting leads.

Anime Zeno Rating: 8/10

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