Is this Girl for Real!? (Manga)

Is this Girl for Real!? is a manga written and illustrated by Tsutomu Mutsuki is an age-gap comedy between a high school boy and his mom’s assistant who’s in her pre-thirties. She looks beautiful but she’s a real mess with no skills nor a job.

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Is this Girl for Real!?

The screen play starts with a high school kid, Jun Yoshikawa bumping into a girl who was reading a manga. That was his mom’s manga. Yeah, our hero’s mom is a really hardworking manga artist. She’s been looking for an assistant to help her out. One night, our hero encounters a girl woman completely drunk and he found her sleeping on he roadway. She was literally unconscious. So, Jun took her to his home and make her sleep in his room.


The next morning, he found her taking a bath in the shower. He saw her completely naked. He apologies for that. Then his mom introduced who she is. It seems she’s the new live-in assistant our hero’s mom appointed. And the progress of the manga storyline might be about how they get along with each other, living under the same roof. The manga has got some adult contents. However, if you’re looking for some age-gap comedy manga, this one (Is this Girl for Real!?) might help you kill your time.

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