Inside Mari (Manga)

Inside Mari is a high school romantic manga written and illustrated by Shuzo Oshimi, the creator of Drifting Net Café and Flowers of Evil. This manga is all about the story of a boy who lives inside a girl he had a crush on. The story is definite and the artwork looks so good as well.

Note: First Impression is a group of articles which help you select whether the manga or anime might suit you or not. Here, we’ll read the first chapter of the manga or watch the first episode of the anime and we’ll write our initial impressions on that manga or anime. This series of articles might help you choose the manga or anime that suits you the best. There’ll be no spoilers except for the first episode which makes it even better than the manga or anime reviews articles.

Inside Mari

The screenplay starts with a girl sleeping. She suddenly wakes up, looks at her own body like it was someone else’s body and screams. It seems she’s surprised. Then goes the flash back.

Isao, our hero is a college kid. He’s lives alone as his whole family lives somewhere in the country sides. His family has high hopes on him. But he screws up things. He even stopped going to college because he didn’t have any friends. He kills his time playing video games and sometimes jacking off. But he had one regular schedule every day. He goes to the convenience store every night around 9 pm to stalk a girl. He nicknamed her as Angel. Because of two reasons. One, she looks so beautiful like an angel. Second, he didn’t have the guts to ask her name. And that’s when things kinda start to get interesting.


Days passed. Nevertheless, one day, like any other day, he follows her. Then everything just goes blacked out for him. Eventually he ended up becoming her. He didn’t even have a clue how that happened. The progress of the story line might be how he uses her body to have some fun and what happens after that. The story line feels so different. So, if you’re trying to kill your time like our very own hero of this manga series, Inside Mari manga might help you.

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