How it feels being an independent anime and manga blogger !!!

Hey there guys, this is me Dhana Abishek J. And today I would like to share something with you guys.

P.S.: This is an off-topic article.

I’m really excited today. Do you wanna know why ?? Anyways I’ll tell the reason now. This is my 100th post as an anime and manga blogger. To be honest, I really love doing this thing. I started watchin’ anime since my middle school. And my favorite animes are Naruto series, Dragon Ball series, Death Note and many more. Now I’m a teen and now watchin’ anime is my job. And I’m really loving my job.

Most of my friends say that this is stupid. My parents do not constitute an exception as well. But I just do what i love and I whole heartly believe that. After we all have one life, why to waste that for someone else’s judgement. Also thank you guys, for supporting me, supporting our website and for everything you’ve done so far. I’m really kinda feelin’ so emotional now. Thank ya guys!


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