Hibi Chouchou (Manga)

This manga, Hibi Chouchou is a sweet love story. Suiren is a very cute and shy girl and she becomes famous among the boys immediately. Kawasumi is a calm and reserved boy who doesn’t look at Suiren the way the other boys do.

Demographic      –   Shojo

Genres                   –   Romance, School, Shoujo, Slice of Life

Authors                  –   Morishita, Suu (Story & Art)

Serialization          –   Margaret

Volumes                 –   12

Chapters                 –   83

Status                      –   Finished

The story is typical shojo one. In this case, the popular girl and the unpopular boy fall in love with each other. As the main characters are shy and reserved, the love progress is very slow. The pair takes a lot of chapters for each and every step in their romance like realising their love, going on a date…. But I felt this quite refreshing.


The art is very appropriate for the story’s type. It is beautiful and graceful just like Suiren. The story lacks character development. The inability of Suiren to express her thoughts due to her shyness is as if she cannot talk at all. Kawasumi doesn’t express himself properly either due to his excessive attention towards sports. The characters change slowly though. It is easy to read as there are very few panels per page. The other characters remain as side characters and are not developed either.

I like the story for its simple and light romance. I recommend this manga (Hibi Chouchou) for readers who like cute and warm romances.

Anime Zeno Rating: 7/10

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