Hana To Akuma (Manga)

Vivi, a demon lives in the human realm. One day, he finds a baby abandoned and decides to keep it on a whim.

Demographic          –   Shōjo

Genre                        –   Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

Written by                –   Hisamu Oto

Published by            –   Hakusensha

Magazine                  –   Hana to Yume

Original run             –   October 20, 2007 – March 18, 2011

Volumes                    –   10

Now that baby, Hana is a teenage girl and she is attached to Vivi. What happens between the two as time passes? Hana is cute and cheerful while Vivi is cool and cold. His exchanges with his butler, Tony and a friend, Felton are hilarious. A lot of other funny characters enter the story gradually.

The story is simply awesome. Hana and Vivi are fond of each other. As the story progresses, their love deepens and they understand their feelings for each other. The story uses very simple elements in our daily life and puts them to the best use in the story. There are a lot of funny moments which is strengthens the story.


Though the art is average, the emotions of the characters are portrayed clearly. There isn’t much of a character development in the story. But it doesn’t feel like a drawback of the story as the story concentrates on the romance of Hana and Vivi.

Though the manga is a shojo one, it is unique. I love the story as it is light, sweet and funny. So, I would definitely recommend this manga for fans of cute and lovely romance.

Anime Zeno Rating: 9/10

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