Hai-Furi Anime’s cast announced!


Four more cast of the television anime series Hai-Furi is announced by its official website.

The anime’s site describes the story:

“In the sea we live, the sea we protect, and by the sea we go … Blue Mermaids!”

Japan, 100 years after plate subductions caused many other countries to be submerged.

To save the remaining countries, the coastal cities that had been built up were launched into the seas, and the seaborne routes between them expanded. With this expansion, a need for personnel that could safeguard the seas arose.

Women began to seek employment in this new industry, and soon, the “Blue Mermaids,” those who keep the sea safe, began to be a source of admiration for many.

The childhood friends Akeno Misaki and Moeka China sought to become Blue Mermaids themselves, and together with others who shared their dream, they enrolled in Yokosuka’s Marine High School.

The characters are as follows:


Sakura Nakamura as Kaede Marikōji (nickname: Marikōji-san), a calm girl who always talks politely. She enjoys musical performances and kishimen (flat noodles), but not sōmen (white noodles). She practices on her violin daily. She excels in music class, and does not perform poorly in any class. Her favorite saying is “A musician that does not travel is an unhappy musician.” She is 158 cm (about 5 feet) tall, with blood type A.


Yurika as Rin Shiretoko (nickname: Rin-chan), a girl prone to worrying. She knows a lot about marine mammals, and enjoys seafood pasta, but not sandwiches. She is good at running away. She draws pictures of dolphins every day. She excels in biology and art class, but performs poorly in social studies. Her favorite saying is “Knock on a stone bridge before you cross it” (you can never be too cautious). She is 148 cm (about 4 feet, 9 inches) tall, and was born on October 29 (astrological sign Scorpio), with blood type O.


Chisato Satsuki as Satoko Katsuta (nickname: Sato-chan). She likes piroshki, but not sweet potatoes. She is good at speaking Russian. She was born on October 1 (astrological sign Libra), with blood type O.


Yō Taichi as Hideko Yamashita (nickname: Shū-chan). She is a good listener who loves eating boiled tofu but hates eating soft-shelled turtle. She was born on December 13 (astrological sign Sagittarius), with blood type A.

Previously released characters are:


Shiina Natsukawa as the heroine Akeno Misaki (nickname: Mike-chan), a forward-looking, big-hearted girl. She enjoys canoeing, curry, and pudding, but not raw oysters. Her best school subject is Japanese, and her worst is math. She is 152 centimeters (about 5 feet) tall, and she was born on July 20 (astrological sign Cancer) in Nagano Prefecture with blood type B.


Lynn as Mashiro Munetani (nickname: Shiro-chan), who likes fortune-telling and raw floundersashimi, but not beef rib meat. She excels at all school subjects as a calm, collected honors student. However, she is very unlucky. Her favorite saying is, “All misfortunes are just stepping stones to the future.” She is 159 centimeters (about 5 feet, 3 inches) tall, and she was born on May 27 (astrological sign Gemini) with blood type A.


Sora Amamiya as Moeka China (nickname: Moka-chan), who is Akeno’s childhood friend, and is always giving encouragement to Akeno. She is an excellent leader, and has no subjects she isn’t good at. She is 158 centimeters (about 5 feet, 2 inches) tall, and she was born on July 25 (astrological sign Leo) in Nagano Prefecture with blood type AB.


Nozomi Furuki as Tateishi Shima (nickname: Tama-chan), who likes watching sports, playing softball, curry, and sautéed chicken, but she dislikes rice gruel and rice porridge. She excels at P.E. but isn’t good at science. Her favorite phrase is “Silence is golden.” She is taciturn and mature, but she isn’t good at communicating with others. She is 147 centimeters (about 4 feet 10 inches) tall, and she was born on August 5 (astrological sign Leo) with blood type A.


Atsumi Tanezaki as Mei Irizaki (nickname: Mei-chan), whose hobbies are shogi and carpentry, and who likes eel and rice bowls. She dislikes cold soba noodles and is bad at P.E., but she is good at Japanese history. She has an impatient personality. She is 146 centimeters (about 4 feet 9 inches) tall, and she was born on January 28 (astrological sign Aquarius) with blood type AB.


Miharu Sawada as Hikari Ogasawara (nickname: Hikari-chan), who likes playing darts and eating horse meat, but dislikes bell peppers.


Hitomi Kikuchi as Michiru Takeda (nickname: Micchan), who likes playing billiards and eating wild boar meat, but dislikes tomatoes.


Minami Tanaka as Junko Heki (nickname: Jun-chan), who likes playing ring toss and eating deer meat, but dislikes broccoli.


Yuka Maruyama as Ritsuko Matsunaga (nickname: Ricchan), who is an expert at bowling and likes butter, but dislikes margarine. She was born on October 12 (astrological sign Libra) with blood type B.


Rui as Kayoko Himeji (nickname: Kayo-chan), who is an expert at bowling and likes to eat eggplant, but she dislikes eating wild plants. She was born on August 2 (astrological sign Leo) with blood type A.

The series will premiere on April 9 at midnight on BS11 and TokyoMX. The series will also air on Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, TV Aichi, TV Hokkaido, and TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting.

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