Girl May Kill (Manga)

Girl May Kill is a manga written and illustrated by Azusa Itakura. The main theme of the manga is a matter of the story of an innocent man Gohongi, who gets dragged into a world of trouble filled with underground mafia. The artwork feels good and the screenplay seems nice as well.

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Girl May Kill


The manga starts with a man Gohongi, our hero working in a video rental store. He lost his job from a computer company due to some reasons. So, he came back to this place where he’s working now. He was born here. He came back after 20 years so almost everything has quite changed. This town has become dangerous. It’s all because of two mafia gangs fighting each other.

Our hero has got a house to live right where he is working. One day, his owner brought some people and told that they will be joining him and will be living in the same roof from then on. It was a group of three. Mei – a teenage girl, Ruka – a fine woman who looks like Mei-chan’s elder sister but not and finally Katsura – a young man who seems to be homosexual. Our hero has already knew them. He saw them in a movie theatre sitting next to him. However, while things are going well, all four of them began to get along with each other. But one day, an unfortunate incident happened and all the their identities were revealed. Those three of them were part of the mafia. And that’s when things get even more interesting.


First they doubt our hero, Gohongi as a spy. But eventually gets compromised. After knowing this our hero avoids them. Nonetheless, that very night Mei-chan was going somewhere and Gohongi was worried and accompanied her. Mei went to Ruka’s place and just killed her. Ruka was the actual spy. Both of them seemed to get along with each other very well till yesterday but now look what happened. Our hero was frightened to death. However, Mei spares Gohongi’s life since she saw him as her friend. However, for a teenage girl, she has got some skills.


The progress of the storyline might be about how our hero manages to save himself and get away from those mafia and stuffs like that. This manga (Girl May Kill) is strongly recommended, if you’re looking for some gangster manga to kill your time.

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