Fuuka (Manga)

Fuuka is a manga written and illustrated by Kouji Seo. The main plot of the manga is all about the fateful meeting between our hero, Yuu Haruna and a weird girl, Fuuka who doesn’t have a cellphone. The manga has a comedy mixed screenplay which makes it even more pleasant.

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Our hero, Yuu is a twitter addict who’s always buried into his cellphone. He with his three sisters, came to a new city where he encounters an accident with a weird girl Fuuka. She mistook him that he took a picture of her and gave him a tight slap and ran off. Yuu’s mobile broke and he has got it replaced in no time. That incident made him return to his home very late. He was on his way to his home where he lives with his sisters to buy them food. Since, he was late they got pretty mad. Especially his little sister who’s doing 8th grade. The other two be older ones. Most elder one’s working and the middle one’s doing college. However, things settled that day.

Next he encounters that same girl at the roof of his new school. He was about to take a picture of the city to tweet his mood. But again she mistook the whole scenario and threw off his mobile from the roof top. He gave her CD back which she missed during their first meet and explained the entire scenario of that very day and what happened the previous day. She’s finally calmed down and volunteered to help him look for his phone. And that’s when the fun part is in the process of start.


He came to know that she doesn’t have a cell phone. “What a weirdo?”, he thinks. Then somehow they managed to find the phone. Fortunately this time, it landed on the grass. So, his phone is perfectly alright. Then a strange guy joins them. He was about to take her somewhere by force. And that’s when our hero enters. But unfortunately the whole scenario went embarrassing for him. That guy was actually asking her for joining the tracks.

However, they finally got to know each others name. And it looks like, our hero has already gave away his heart for her. He’s in love. The progress of the story might be all about their love story. So, if you’re just looking for a high school romantic comedy manga, this one is recommended.

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