Finally Naruto Shippuden fillers comes to an end!

It’s been months, more than 40 to 50 episodes — Naruto Shippuuden fillers everywhere! But finally the fillers came to an end. Yay.. No more fillers!

Naruto Shippuuden is one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Even after airing unlimited filler episodes which has nothing to do with the original manga series (Naruto), the fan base of this Japanese Television anime series is still on the peak. However the fillers are not boring as well. Itachi filler is one of the best fillers of all time. Also the story of Kaguya, Haguromo, Hamura, Indra and Ashura were quite good as well. The fillers have answered many questions raised by the fans and reviewers. However the only negative thing about the fillers is that it took too many episodes to convey it’s point.


Also there’s a best thing behind these filler episodes as well. Any guess…?? Let me explain! I personally am a die hard Naruto fan. And I grew watching it. I love all the characters in this anime, their stories and their lives. They inspire me. So, accepting the truth that the shows gonna end soon is pretty much hard for me. Not only for me, every single Naruto fan will know how hard it is. So, I personally feel like it’s okay to watch more filler episodes itself than watching Naruto Shippuuden end.


Since the anime started airing the original story from this week, the anime series might end anytime soon. However, the team has not yet revealed any official news regarding the release date of it’s last episode.

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