Fairy Tail

The following article is our review for an anime. We’ve reviewed Fairy Tail.



Written by Hiro Mashima
Published by Kodansha


Directed by Shinji Ishihara
Written by Masashi Sogo
Music by Yasuharu Takanashi


Note: The following article contains spoilers. Hence read it at your own risk.

Another mainstream anime with all the shounen elements one can ask for. The art style is fantastic. On first look, even the worst looking characters on Fairy Tail standards are cool comparing other mainstream anime. The colors are bright which reflects the character of the anime protagonist Natsu, which in Japanese means summer.

The background score is phenomenal. Especially the main fairy tail OST. The timing of these OSTs is way too nice, and sure does pump anyone up. Despite the character population each character is designed uniquely. But the move set is not exciting at all. No complaints about the dialogues.

The biggest flaw on the screen play is the writer is contradicting each of the characters strengths. For instance Gildarts is said to be the strongest Fairytail wizard. Nevertheless, when Jura fought Laxus and won, Makarov said that Laxus should have been so strong to defeat someone at Gildarts’s level. And I find it difficult to accept. The rest is fine.

The story of Fairytail: Lucy Heartfilia is a mage like most of the people of Magnolia, dreams of becoming a member in a guild known to be wreckless. Fairytail. On her journey she gets caught up in a mess where Natsu Dragneel a member of Fairy Tail saves her and makes her his team mate. The rest of the story deals with the missions they choose and complete.

The plot revolves around Lucy and not around Natsu despite him having the highest screen presence. I personally loved their guild and all their guild members. Morally this is among the best you can find. Their guild is a reminder of myself. Carefree.


Zeno rating-3.25/5


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