Divine Gate

This anime television series is written by Natsuko Takahashi and directed by Noriyuki Abe. Both the opening theme song “One Me Two Hearts” by Hitorie, and the ending theme song “Contrast” by vistlip are good with all its visuals. The background score is decent as well. This anime looks a little bit dark.

Divine Gate, the name of the anime itself suggests. The anime is all about that so called ‘Divine Gate’. It is believed that when it’s opened, the living world, the heaven and the underground world become connected, resulting in chaos. It became an urban legend years later, an organisation called the ‘World Council’ somehow managed to close the gate and spread peace all over the world.

So, now let’s get into the first episode right away. It’s raining hard, and there comes our hero, Aoto. He was talking to himself about some random things happening around him and continues speaking stuffs relating to his past. His words sounded like his past was a nightmare. His eyes, it looked like he was crying from his very inside pretending like he’s not from his outside.


He then gets into a tram. “Endless Rain”, the title of the anime shows up. All of a sudden a mad man just came into the scene. He had a driver (some kinda weapon used at all in this anime series) in his hand. It was a fire driver. He was attacking all the people around there with it. Finally reaches a girl, blabbering about the ‘Divine Gate’ and stuffs. She was covered by our hero. He is an adapter (people with some super human powers who were abled to wield the drivers) too. Fortunately, our hero is a water type. He manages almost to kill him, even though he didn’t have a driver. He did that with his bare hands. Then a boy and a girl show up. Akane and Midori, they are from the World Council Academy. When they attempted to reach Aoto, he opened some gate or something like that and got away.

The World Council leader took an interest in him. He wants him to join the Academy. So, he invites him there. Our hero, he was rumoured to be a ….?! Sorry, I can’t say that (spoiler). Akane, Midori and Aoto, they met again in the Academy campus. But no one couldn’t convince him to join the Academy. So, they were missioned to somehow convince Aoto to join there.

Over all, the plot of the anime seems to be good and promising. The screenplay is done well. So, this anime is a recommended one.

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