Dimension W

Dimension W is an anime adaptation from a Japanese manga series written by Yūji Iwahara. The opening theme song, “Genesis”, is done by Stereo Dive Foundation, and the closing theme song, “Contrast”, is performed by Fo’xTails. Both of them are good with all it’s visuals.

Dr. Yurizaki is a scientist who actually invented the infinite energy source. He made that into small devices called coils. But he just went away somewhere after that. I’m not quite sure what the reason is for. And the coils are now being used everywhere around the as the energy source legally. However, some bad dudes manufacture these coils illegally. So, many people are assigned to a job of collecting all these illegal coils. They are called the Collectors. One among them is Kyoma Mabuchi, who works for an organisation headed by a woman named Mary. However, our hero, Kyoma is a different kinda guy. He just hates using these coils. He still uses gasoline only.


One day, during his mission, he encounters a girl. She was quite unique as well. I mean she was too weird and I even doubt whether she is actually a human. She had some super human powers. She was after these illegal coils as well. She was actually the daughter of Dr. Yurizaki. Nevertheless, his family actually died years back. Then, who the hell is the one? Yeah, this anime has many suspense waiting for us it seems.

Places in this anime kinda look more modernized, like the future. The progress of the anime might be a matter of the mysteries of Dr. Yurizaki and his daughter and also what happens between the girl and Kyoma and stuffs like that. However, this anime is a good one.

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