A Devil and Her Love Song (Manga)

A Devil and Her Love Song is one awesome Shōjo manga. Kawaii Maria is expelled from a reputed school on account of being violent towards her teacher and so she transfers to a public school.

Genre                –   Romance, school story

Written by        –   Miyoshi Tomori

Published by    –   Shueisha

Demographic   –   Shōjo

Magazine         –   Margaret

Original run     –   25 July 2007 – 25 May 2011

Volumes            –   13

She bluntly tells this reason to her classmates and her sharp tongue along with her intuitive abilities makes her an outcast in her class. However, she becomes friends with a cheerful Yusuke Kanda and a cold Shin Meguro. As the school year passes, she befriends more people. But, her past causes troubles in her peaceful school life. How does she overcome these problems and create her own life?


The story has a serious plot and flows at just the speed required. The characters are complex and the reasons for this are explained as the story progresses. There are a lot of twists in the story which keep the readers interested. The art style is beautiful. The various expressions of the characters are portrayed clearly. The lines are brilliantly written as well (especially Maria’s bluntness and the way this is reflected in her lines). More eccentric and funny characters enter the story along the way.

I like this story because the heroine is original. She takes pride in being herself and doesn’t wish to create an illusion of herself to befriend her classmates. I also feel that there are less cliché’s in the story which makes reading it more fun.

This could be an interesting one to read if you like a mix of comedy, romance and a bit of reality in the story.

Anime Zeno Rating: 7/10

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