Dengeki Daisy (Manga)

Dengeki Daisy is a Romantic Comedy Shōjo manga. The story is about Teru, a poor girl who, after the death of her brother has only a cellphone contact named Daisy as her pillar of support.

Genre                   –   Romance, Comedy, Drama

Written by           –   Kyousuke Motomi

Published by       –   Shogakukan

Demographic      –   Shōjo

Magazine             –   Betsucomi

Original run        –   October 26, 2007 – February 24, 2014

Volumes               –   16

She only shares messages with Daisy and doesn’t know who the person is. One day, due to an incident in her school, she ends up working as a servant for a rude janitor, Tasuku Kurosaki of her school. As time passes by, her relation with the janitor changes and she wishes to know who Daisy is as well. Who is Daisy and what significance does Kurosaki hold in her life?


The story revolves mainly around Teru, Daisy and Kurosaki. It has parts of action while entering the climax. Though Teru is shown as a strong girl, it is also portrayed through her as to how people can be vulnerable at times. The situations when Kurosaki behaves like a delinquent are very funny. The character ‘Daisy’ has its own complex background story. There are a few peculiar characters that make the story more enjoyable. The story has a serious plot which is unveiled as the story progresses.

The art is pretty good though it is not exceptional. The love part in the story is very cute and hilarious. I would recommend this story for readers who love to have a cheerful and light read with a bit of seriousness.

Anime Zeno Rating: 9/10

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